Artifact Buyer


Thank you for your interest in the Buyer position at Artifact. The Buyer is the life blood of Artifact and without buying, selling, and trading, Artifact would not exist! The Buyer candidate is an individual with a strong sense of style and has a passion for design -current and vintage- as it relates to fashion, home design and decor; and they have strong communication and customer service skills. Please note that Buyers are equally out on the sales floor as they are in the buying room. You will likely be getting up on ladders and moving couches multiple times in one day. Say goodbye to your gym membership because the day to day at Artifact will have you breaking a sweat! If a physically demanding job is not what you are looking for this may not be the position for you.

At Artifact the Buyer has the unique role of being the curator of all the merchandise that comes in the store, thus greatly impacting the outward perception of Artifact and its overall position in the resale market.

It is the role of the Buyer to make all consignors feel welcome and validated in choosing Artifact as the best marketplace for selling their goods. The role of the Buyer is to uphold and communicate the store’s consignment and trading policies and procedures in a professional yet comfortable manner to our diverse community of consignors.

Artifact is a fast paced and dynamic environment. As mentioned above, Buyers will also learn all of the job responsibilities of being a sales associate and are expected to balance their time between working the sales floor and the buying counter. You will also learn and practice creative merchandising and will be asked to take on special projects. There is never a dull moment! It is important for all Artifact employees to be versatile and be able to jump in where needed to fulfill the store's needs. The first few months of this position is solely focused on learning the sales floor, POS, and customer service before beginning buying training.


  • Buy incoming merchandise based on Artifact's seasonal style guide and pricing guidelines.
  • Maintain a strong knowledge of seasonal trends, vintage styles, oddities and curiosities, as well as Portland specific style trends.
  • Maintain a professional and respectful rapport with all consignors, customers, and coworkers.
  • Adhere to all store policies and procedures.
  • Uphold Artifact’s standards for visual merchandising, store cleanliness, and customer service.
  • Handle store money accurately and respectfully.
  • Work the sales floor.


  • A passion for fashion, style, and interior design
  • Keep up with current trends in both fashion and home design
  • Process oriented with a keen ability for mental and physical space organization
  • Strong communication skills
  • Fast typing speed and accurate spelling
  • Basic computer and internet research skills
  • Participate in planning meetings outside of business hours
  • Present topics of interest at buying team meetings
  • Work at a fast pace to keep up with daily consignment appointments


$15/hr + Medical, Dental, Vision Health Plan + Matched 401k + Paid Time Off + Paid Volunteer Time Off + Store Perks

Interview process:

Artifact's interview process can take anywhere from 1 week to 1 month depending on the scheduling of the store and the availability of the hiring team. There are two interviews for this position. The 1st interview is a 30min meet and greet with our hiring team. If the candidate moves to the next phase, they will be invited to a 2nd interview where the candidate comes to the store for 3 hours to do a short buy assessment, a creative merchandising project, and experience the workflow of the sales floor. This is to allow both, the candidate and the store, to see if the relationship is a good fit. After the 2nd interview Artifact will make the determination whether or not to offer the position to the applicant.


This is a physical job. Employees are asked to move couches and large furniture multiple times a day, get up on ladders to do displays, and be standing for their full shift. It is important for candidates to enjoy physical work.

In accordance with our Conflict of Interest Policy, Buyers are not allowed to resell merchandise purchased from Artifact on reseller sites whether brick-and-mortar or online. This policy is in place to protect our consignors from unfair pricing on their belongings being sold at Artifact.