Artifact is a one-of-a-kind brick and mortar resale store in SE Portland. Each time you step into Artifact you’ll find a new collection of eclectic and style forward pieces anchored in modern and vintage design. Our selection is constantly updated through the sustainable fashion loop of our buy/sell/trade business model. This makes Artifact a direct reflection of Portland’s collective style and values. Our goal? To help our community express themself, without having to consume more of the earth’s resources.

Our mission is 3 fold -and directly reflected in our day to day life on the sales floor:

Yes, we are a vintage shop, but we come at it with a designer’s eye. We’re intentional about how we curate our store… and here’s the bonus: it’s vintage and modern secondhand, so it’s rare you’ll find it anywhere else. Every day as new merchandise comes in, it’s the job of our staff to thoughtfully create new cohesive displays that often change within the day, if not hour.

Sustainability: To us sustainability is a way of life. While style and design make Artifact go round, our intention is to double as an educational resource on sustainability. Of course, you can be part of the sustainable fashion loop through our Buy/Sell/Trade model, but that’s just the beginning. We are constantly assessing our own environmental footprint and are committed to decrease it every step of the way. We no longer offer single use bags; we have eliminated all the disposable plastic tags and loops to label clothing, and have switched to no-waste reusable tags; we have eliminated the use of toxic cleaning supplies; we now use washcloths in lieu of paper towels; we have switched all our our light fixtures to energy efficient LED, including all for sale lamps. We also offer free of charge to the public, a bottle cap and makeup/cosmetics container recycling program!

Community: Artifact is an inclusive community hub. Working here you will build relationships with coworkers and customers alike who come from diverse walks of life. Through our Buy/Sell/Trade model we support many individuals who have been excluded from the formal economy. To date, we have raised over $20k through our summer Funday Flea that has been donated to local nonprofits. Throughout the year we host pop-ups and events aimed to raise awareness and promote inclusion of our local BIPOC, Queer, and women identified community and local businesses. It is our goal to continually use our resources and platform to support and benefit these communities.

Working at Artifact is being part of a small community that supports one another in a positive work environment. We have fun while working hard! At Artifact we all have a voice and every team member is encouraged to bring forward ways to continually improve all aspects of the store. Working here you can expect to exercise your creativity, swap roles and tasks throughout the day, move furniture and get up on ladders, engage with customers in person and online, laugh with coworkers, and get first dibs on so much CoolShit!

  • 401K Matching Retirement Option

  • Paid Time Off

  • Paid Volunteer Time Off

  • Performance Based Bonuses

  • Employee Discount

  • Medical, Dental, Vision, & Pet Insurance